10 April 2020

Wa Po: National Coronavirus Plan emerging... no thanks to Trump

Focusing on the positive: this emerging plan has all the essentials necessary to actually get control of this thing: massive testing enterprise; contact tracing of positives; isolation of positives.
«  [A] collection of governors, former government officials, disease specialists and nonprofits are pursuing a strategy that relies on the three pillars of disease control: ramp up testing to identify people who are infected. Find everyone they interact with by deploying contact tracing on a scale America has never attempted before. And focus restrictions more narrowly on the infected and their contacts so the rest of society doesn't have to stay in permanent lockdown. »

Focusing on the negative: it shows up in stark relief the utter and complete incompetence and lack of leadership on the part of Trump and the Trump administration.

Big surprise.

Vote like the future depends on it. 
Because it does. 
Vote Blue 2020. 

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