22 May 2022

Irresoluble conflict of interest requires resignation or impeachment

Just gotta say. Does anyone honestly believe that, had it been revealed in 2017 that the spouse of one of the so-called liberal Supreme Court justices had actively lobbied state legislatures to ignore popular vote victories in the 2016 election and send Clinton electors instead of Trump electors, that the Republicans would've just said, "oh well, that's not nice but recusal? resignation? impeachment? Let's don't get hysterical!"

Well shoe on other foot, this is exactly what happened with Ginni Thomas. Not sort of, not analogous. Exactly. 

Where is the outrage? Where are Democrats demanding that Thomas step aside? In my view, recusal from specific cases is not enough; this involves Thomas in conflicts in all matters arising in the court, since the very legitimacy of the US Constitution is at issue. There is no other recourse than that he resign, or failing that, be impeached. He has already cast votes that are clearly in direct conflict of interest. 

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