24 May 2022

Oreg. 5th District: more progressive Democrat beats Blue Dog incumbent, now near certainty

Anyone interested in the Oregon 5th District (my district) race, in which local Democratic organizations defied the DCCC, Biden and Pelosi in endorsing a real Democrat, McLeod-Skinner, against incumbent Bluest Dog Kurt Schrader:

Despite scandalous delays in reporting, Clackamas Co. is now 45% reported out, and Schrader has failed to secure the massive and lopsided victory in the county he would've needed to overcome McLeod-Skinner's 60/40 victory elsewhere in the district. Right now, with almost half of Clackamas reporting, it remains about 59/41 and it is now virtually impossible for Schrader to pull out a win. Even if he were to get 70% of the remaining votes he would lose, and the reported votes in Clackamas are running more like 55/45 in his favor. Not enough, by a comfortable margin. (Schrader lives in Clackamas Co.). Somewhat surprisingly, the new areas of the district, created by reshuffling all the district boundaries to make way for Oregon's new 6th district, are McLeod-Skinner's stronghold. These are in Central Oregon; Deschutes County. This is the one area of Oregon east of the Cascades, centered on the city of Bend, that votes consistently Democratic. The entire eastern 2/3 of the state (geographcially, not population) is solid red Republican otherwise. 

Those of us who prefer to be represented by real Democrats and to not have the national party endorsing candidates who fail to vote with the Democratic majority and say things like it was a mistake to impeach Trump, are, needless to say, happy at these results.

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