24 May 2022

Stop with the defeatism already!

Just gotta say. Again. 

I am tired of hearing about Democrats' "razor thin majorities," a political climate "increasingly favoring Republicans," and how the incumbent party "historically loses in midterms."  Yada f-ing yada. We cannot allow defeatism to overtake us. Sure, of course, it's tough. We are facing what may really be the greatest threat to our Democracy in history. So now is NOT the time to waste a single breath on defeatism. We're gonna have to gear up and fight this fight like hell, to save our country. Please stop repeating this stuff and start projecting the message we need to get to voters to vote for Democrats. Our path to victory, to keeping and expanding our majorities and preparing to win again in 24 lies in successfully conveying what our party has to offer, to ordinary Americans struggling in these uncertain and difficult times. In contrast to the treachery and threat to democracy that the other party has become, right when our country needs unity and strength of purpose. It is clear to us that it's Democrats who can offer that, but we have to make it clear to people who only see high gas prices and a lot of right wing propaganda telling them it's all Biden's fault. 

Thank you. 

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