09 February 2009

Obama can sway public opinion to get it done

I believe the Gallup poll numbers today showing that Obama is "way ahead" of the FROs* in Congress on the stimulus bill is proof that he has tremendous potential to influence the American people through the bully pulpit. I'm constantly harping: Obama needs to sway the public, so the public will make policy makers make the policy we need. Finally, in the wake of what I consider the abject failure of his bipartisanship initiative (for which I blame the aforementioned Republicans for basically giving him the middle finger)... he seems to be doing just this.

*(F--king Republican Obstructionists... sorry, I get exercised and I refuse to call these louts the GOP. They're a disgrace even to the likes of wrongheaded people like Barry Goldwater and even Ronald Reagan).

CLARIFICATION: I didn't mean to imply that all the Rebublicans in Congress are obstructionist. Only 38, possibly 39 of the 41 Senators and essentially all of the House members.

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