02 February 2009

Senior military leaders tried to convince Obama to go back on Iraq withdrawal campaign pledge

It's being reported that General Petraeus, Admiral Mullen, and Secretary Gates all tried (unsuccessfully) to convince President Obama to back off his 16-mo. Iraq withdrawal campaign pledge.

OK, there's nothing wrong with military leaders giving the president advice, even advice they know will not be welcome. In fact, I acknowledge that this, in and of itself, is admirable, and exactly what you want from senior people: their independent assessments. But given the intense politicization of the Bush administration vis-a-vis the Iraq war, using retired brass to secretly sell their war agenda, etc., I think it would be appropriate for Pres. Obama to pass over these individuals and select new senior leaders, who share his vision for the future. Including Gates. Keep him a while, till things are settled, then ask for his resignation. We need a totally new aproach, and these guys aren't it.

1 comment:

  1. Gut instinct. I think this will eventually happen.

    Let's hope I'm right for a change. (I'm usually wrong.)



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