05 February 2009

Republicans as Flat Earthers

Josh Marshall reports:

There were 36 out of 41 Republican senators who voted to scrap all spending in the Stimulus Bill. All of it.

This approaches flat earth territory in terms of where the economy is right now and what conventional macroeconomics suggests about how to combat the problem.

This is why I've come to regard the Republican Party as increasingly out of step with reality, or anything even close to the policies needed to move our country out of Depression. Not to mention how out of step they are with the realities that must be faced to take us towards a footing necessary to solve the coming even more serious crises of (non-fossil) energy independence and Global Climatic Disruption.

1 comment:

  1. Such actions are right in line with the Limbaugh / Cavuto / Savage talk machines! Right-wing fringe listeners are feeding their minds on crap! Republicans encourage the disinformation. They are setting up for electioneering, no regard for the American society.


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