16 April 2009

Report: Obama will release Bush administration torture memos

This is certainly good news to anyone who believes in the Rule of Law, and/or that the Constitution and our nation's treaty commitments should mean anything.

UPDATE 4/17: Unfortunately, as Keith Olbermann commented quite cogently yesterday, this announcement was coupled with the troubling announcement that no one who actually implemented these policies during the Bush years will be prosecuted. This is a grave mistake. While judiciousness and selection are always applicable in decisions of whether to prosecute, in cases where people were clearly violating commonly understood standards of U.S. and international law, by committing what any reasonable person would call torture, and merely using these ridiculous and shameful "legal" memos from the corrupted Bush Justice Dept. as cover, prosecution for serious offenses is necessary; otherwise the rule of law means very little. The World is watching, President Obama. Do the right thing.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know whether to scream or cry! Several steps need to be initiated including justice for war crimes. Even more fundamentally, clearly and openly discussing policy and preventing future fuck heads like Bush from recreating immoral behavior without oversight!


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