23 April 2009

Why Do Texas Republicans Hate America?

Texas Rebublicans Approve of Gov. Rick Perry's Secession Remarks. Now, I ask you, really, what would King Karl Rove, Big Fat Rush, and Bill-o 'Reilly say if this said

Massachusetts Liberals split on whether to withdraw from U.S. ??

Wingers just love to crow about patriotism, but what can be more unpatriotic than proposing to leave the Union?

Frankly, I'd say let 'em go, if it weren't for the incredible and expensive legal wrangle it'd obviously cause. We'd have 59 out of 98 Democratic Senators, and oil or no oil, Texas is undeniably full of crazy old cusses whom we really could do quite well without. They can have Oklahoma, too, as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure the lunatics in Alaska would want to be next. Oh, hell, it won't work, so let's grow up and forget it. Now, Wingnut Journalists, how about a tiny soupcon of responsibility and calling Perry out on this nuttiness for a change?

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