08 April 2009

Seat Al Franken already

No honest person, not motivated by sheer partisanship, can any longer maintain that there's any legitimacy or precedent to keeping Al Franken out of the Senate. Hypocrite Coleman immediately after the election called on Franken to concede before the votes were even final; now that the court has concluded that they are final, and Coleman lost, months after the election, he says he'll file an uprecedented appeal and the Repubicans in Congress are girding for refusing to seat Franken. It's disgusting. The Democrats should boo and hiss, literally, in the Senate Floor if the Republicans try to prevent Franken from taking his seat. This isn't legitimate, to use the courts to wend away the clock on Minnesota's elected Senator's term out of sheer political gamesmanship. For shame.

I hope the Minnesota Supreme Court takes the case on an expedited basis (which I assume they can), and simply dismisses it. Then the standing court decision will be final. If the US Supreme Court takes the case on the "precedent" of Bush v. Gore (which explicitly states that it is not intended to function as a precedent, but was a specific decision in a particular situation only), then we will have clear evidence that the Right Wing majority on that court will do anything at all to help their faction claw back to power, without even the merest pretense of constitutional legitimacy.

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