16 April 2009

Texas gov. talks secession... these nuts have gone way too far.

TPM reports on Gov. Perry of Texas hinting at secession over non-existent tax increases. It's bad enough when right wingers rail against all reason about real policies, but when they rave about totally non-existent stuff they just made up, it's too, too much. These people have totally taken leave of whatever senses they may once have had. I think President Obama should remind Perry, as if jokingly, that his role model Lincoln held the Union together with force once before, and if necessary, he (Obama) will do it again. Sheesh.

Even if the proposals of the Obama administration to remove the Bush tax cuts are ultimately successful, as I certainly hope they are, they will do more than restore tax rates to what they were in 1993. Far lower than what they were for most of the Reagan administration. That's tyranny, by cracky! Taxation with Representation! Majority Rule! How terrible.

It never ceases to amaze me that people whose sophistication about matters economic and political appears to be at about a sixth grade level almost reflexively seem to support ideas promulgated by rich and powerful right wingers, in the interests of a tiny fraction of the population, most decidedly not including the idiots who are brainwashed by Fox News into attending "Tea Parties."

Rich right wingers aren't stupid, they know what's in their interests, and it's in their interests to use propaganda to fool masses of undereducated people to support policies directly inimical to their own self-interest. This is legal of course, but that doesn't mean it isn't despicable.

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