10 April 2009

TSA peeping tom machines just too much

Enough is enough. Actually, too much, already. See-all body scans are too much security, driven by obsessive singlemindedness, rather than rational assessment. There is an implicit objective presumption here; i.e. that this kind of thing actually prevents terrorism, and that a reasonable balancing of cost (including inconvenience and invasion of privacy) as against benefit makes these procedures tenable. I challenge this. I doubt seriously that these procedures significantly decrease the risk of terrorism, at all. It is at least in principle possible to assess the effectiveness of these procedures over time, and I would (again, in principle) lay odds that this kind of thing has no real benefit in any reasonably probable situations, or time periods. There's no such thing as perfect safety, and at some point, you have to say, no, this is just too inconvenient, invasive of privacy, and costly for the merely theoretical benefit it might, in the rarest of cases, yield.

Already, unless it's more than a two-hour flight at least, I don't fly. It's just not worth it.

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