16 August 2010

"Ground Zero Mosque": Come off of it, already!

I find it just amazing that the corporate media is pushing and pushing this ridiculous story about the "Ground Zero Mosque," just because some asshole Republicans keep harping on it.

Earth to CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, (Forget Fox): just because opportunistic assholes want to push a non-story doesn't make it news. Why not ask these fools how, if they claim to be patriotic Americans who believe in the Constitution, they could think the President was anything but absolutely right to note that Muslims have a perfect right to open an Islamic Community Center, or Mosque, or whatever you want to call it, in Lower Manhattan, several blocks from the former site of the World Trade Center, in a goddamn former Burlington Coat Factory, for God's sake! Hallowed ground, my ass. Come off of it. This is pure political opportunism and media manipulation, so typical of the party of no, and no ideas, which is also the party of no integrity.

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