15 August 2010

Amateur pianists: Janáček: V Mlhách

Check out this youtube of Mikhail Rudy playing the first two movements of V Mlhách ("In the Mist") by Leoš Janáček. 

Theses pieces are a good bit harder than I realized when I heard a bit of one of them on Pandora, but I think they're really marvelous, and I love the way this poster puts up the music.

This is an example of something I've found really valuable and wondeful on Youtube. I am an amateur pianist of very modest accomplishments, and if I'm thinking of dabbling in a particular piece of music, it's very helpful to hear (and even see) someone else playing it. I've found that even some rather obscure intermediate and early advanced piano repertoire is easily located in multiple instances on youtube. The same is true for people trying to learn other instruments or for vocal music, both classical and other styles. This is a really great resource, and yet another example of how the internet has transformed our lives in both minor and major ways.

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