20 August 2010

Mindf**k Media (a rant)

I consider the recent Mindf**k Media hype not only about
  • the nonmosque not at Ground Zero, but also
  • Lunatic Franklin Graham being given airtime on CNN to mouth outrageous and obviously racially motivated implicit slanders of President Obama about his faith (which is, after all, a private matter in this country)
  • reports of a poll showing 56% of Americans "oppose health reform," with zero discussion of how the question was asked or just what it is that people are concerned about (such as that the current form of the law fails to adequately control insurance rates, or reimbursement rates to providers, while mandating private coverage).
... all as examples of the ways in which the American political process is grossly manipulated by corporate media interests to create utterly false impressions and distractions from the real issues facing America (i.e., jobs, Wall Street's theft* of a trillion dollars with no real reform to show for it, and the failure of the government to do anything about the looming environmental crises and need to develop a renewable energy production economy..... you know, stuff that matters).

* I use theft as shorthand for 'transfer of private debt into public debt, resulting from the socialization of risk and privatization of profit after the crash caused by radical deregulation of financial services,' (aka the gutting of the New Deal, which happened largely, I'm sad to say, under Pres. Clinton).

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