18 August 2010

Hell no, YOU WILL NOT cut social security or medicare, not and keep my vote!

Forget Republicans who want to privatize and cut both Medicare and Social Security. It's the Democrats, who plan to hide behind this Republican-thinking Deficit Commission and its "package" of recommendations (forthcoming, watch for it). The stealth plan is to rip off American taxpayers who have paid through social security taxes to make social security 100% solvent till 2037. Those taxes were supposed to be for social security, not other purposes. It is a highly regressive tax, because its supposed to pay for retirement security, not general budget items. If it's been ripped off, it needs to be paid back. I SAY HELL NO. You will not cut social security or medicare, or raise the retirement age further. No more regression. We elected a Democrat to the White House to get Democratic policies, not to get Republican policies. If you do this, you have declared war on ordinary Americans, and I intend to do everything I can to defeat you; meaning anyone, Democratic or Republican, who votes to cut a program that we paid for and are continuing to pay for. This is non-negotiable.

I'm writing to all the Senators, my Congressman, and some other key Congress members.
This issue is the battle line as far as I'm concerned. DO NOT CROSS. I will not support any Democrat who votes the wrong way, or the President if he supports any bill to do this. At some point, you just gotta say, NO FURTHER. 

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