19 March 2022

Maker's Mark

Recently had my piano action regulated and reweighted... a fairly complex process that resulted in lighter feel and better inertial balance. Everything is a compromise, so there is a slight edginess of tone that enters in, but overall we consider the result a significant improvement in playability and ease of achieving dynamic range, which is very important, especially to amateurs like me, who lack the fine motor finesse to make these subtle gradations on a heavier-weighted action and the sheer strength and finesse it takes to play a piano with a heavy action comfortably. The technician told me the hammers are large and heavy, of the type used on larger pianos, so that may be why; he was able to adjust everything to make it more even and lighter overall in feel. We're very happy with the result. Anyway, the technician found this lovely old world "maker's mark" on key 87.  The "€"–like cipher is an "E" for Estonia, the brand name, and it's a signature with date, 2017. 

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