08 March 2022

The economic aftermath of Putin's War

 Here's an observation that may be too obvious to even mention. Western (and not just American) oil companies and others that have made significant and sometimes risky investments in Russia's economy, mostly to the benefit of so-called "oligarchs" who have corruptly siphoned off wealth that could have been used to actually develop the country's resources and capacities.... will not be nearly as willing to take those risks again in whatever the aftermath of Putin's War may be. Unless it's nuclear Armageddon, in which case none of it will matter whatever else may happen. Russia has decidedly not shown itself to be really any good at all at developing its own economy, in sharp contrast to, say China, or even India. 

It may seem way to early, in the face of a huge refugee crisis and massive human suffering, to even talk about an aftermath, but it is already clear that Russia cannot sustain a long war and forever military occupation, so there will be change. Putin's regime will come to an end, and it's a safe bet it will be sooner than it would've been had he not launched this badly miscalculated Imperial land grab, which gives the total lie to any concept of pan Slavism. It couldn't be more obvious that he cares almost nothing for his own people, still less for the people of Ukraine. 

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