02 March 2022

Silver lining ?

I'll leap out on a limb here. There's been a lot of terrible and scary news the last ten days or so. But what I see is a major paradigm shift, in the world but especially in our own country. The vacuous nonsense of Trump and Trumpism is being shunted aside and for the first time in quite a while most Americans are united in seeing value in global stability and danger in autocracy and aggression. This has parallels to the unification of public opinion in 1940-41 when the naked aggression of the Germans became inarguable and American Fascists, for the most part, had to crawl into their holes and shut the hell up. We're not there yet, but I think this crisis may indeed bring about a big shift, and at least a degree of unification of public opinion around a critical issue... and a president... for the first time in a good long while. 

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