02 August 2022

Assassination as a tool of foreign policy

I dunno. Call me impractical or old fashioned or whatever. But I cannot celebrate the assassination of Al Zawahiri. A horrible guy, terrible actor, war criminal, no doubt. But nothing good comes from the US CIA appointing itself judge jury and executioner and committing assassinations. It is supposedly illegal, but the US does it all the time. If we are going to have red lines, laws governing our own actions, then we need to follow them. Otherwise they mean nothing. And a law against assassination as a tool of foreign policy is necessary and right, even if sometimes it make efficient actions that may be on the whole beneficial beyond the scope of what's allowed. So, others may be crediting Biden and the administration for this, but not me. Certainly not because this guy didn't deserve it... I'm sure he did. But because WE are just not supposed to do that; it's a really, really bad idea and creates more blowback than people realize. And it violates the core principle of our laws that we do not administratively decide guilt and kill people without trial. The only exception should be declared wars, although that hasn't been the case for a long, long time, maybe ever. 

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