10 August 2022

Stellantis' Citroën C5 X

• For those of my correspondents who're interested in cars, especially electric cars.  This pic is the Citroën C5 X, just released. Probably Citroën's last gas powered new car, but it is also available as a plug in hybrid. It will be replaced in 2025 with an upgrade (already planned) which will introduce a pure EV version. As a Citroën, they have no plans to release this car in North America. 

PSA (Peugeot) bought out Fiat Chrysler last year, and the company is now called Stellantis. They also own Citroën. So a version of this car may be sold in the US eventually either as a Peugeot (which as a brand will be reintroduced to the US after more than 50 years) ...or as a Chrysler or Dodge. Or both. Fiat Chrysler had been notably behind the times on developing EVs, but this is now changing. Stellantis, like GM, has announced intention to convert their entire fleet of passenger cars to EV only by around 2030. This is a step forward on the climate front. 

What's interesting is that most Citroëns are now built not in France but in Spain. This one, however, to be sold only in Europe and Asia, was designed in Europe but is being 100% built in China. It's a new world, automotively. 

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