10 August 2022


It seems illustrative of a serious cognitive divide in our country that one entire party, and a good chunk of the other, realizes that Donald Trump very likely committed several serious crimes, one of which is pretty straightforward. Namely, it is a FELONY to possess, destroy or remove government records, especially classified records. Trump, in his monumental arrogance, and among many other criminal acts but let's just stick to this one, did exactly all three of these things. Credible evidence indicates that among the documents removed from the white house are sensitive and classified documents the very existence of which is classified. Anyone taking these would be charged with a crime. When Sandy Berger took a few pages from the archives to use while writing a book, he was prosecuted and went to jail. So why, when a Federal Magistrate has found probable cause not just to subpena records but actually issue a search warrant for documents Trump pretty clearly illegally removed from the White House, the loyalists in the Republican Party melt down, is pretty hard to explain. The evidence before the public is credible. What Trump did is a crime (again, among many others). Why do these people think that the wheels of justice aren't going to operate just because he's their cult leader? Seriously, it takes some real mental gymnastics to arrive at any halfway reasonable explanation for this. It has nothing to do with schadenfreude or retaliation. Wray is a Republican. Most of the judges and many line employees at Justice are very conservative people. They are not practicing politics. They are doing their job. A crime has been committed and they are looking into what needs to be done, including prosecuting the wrongdoers. 

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