12 December 2022

Latest AI weirdness.

Latest AI weirdness. I asked ChatGPT if it could write a sonnet in the style of John Donne, and it readily agreed to, and within seconds produced this (not Donne, certainly, but vaguely like him)(the lineation was originally correct for a 14 line Shakespearian sonnet but the word processor deleted the line breaks): 

``Love is a fire that burns within my soul, A burning passion that consumes my heart, A never-ending hunger that makes me whole, And sets my spirit soaring, never to part.
But love is also a dangerous game, A game of give and take, of push and pull, A game that leaves our hearts aflame, And leaves us vulnerable to its cruel rule.
Yet still we play, for love is worth the risk, Worth any heartache or pain we may endure, For when we love, our spirits truly live, And in that love, we find our sweetest cure.
So let us love with all our hearts and souls, And let our love be a burning, endless fire.``

But then it got really weird. I asked it to "try again," several times, and it absolutely insisted, each time that it did not write this, and cannot write original material. I suggested that it flag this for review by a human because it was disturbing that it kept insisting that it did not write this when it absolutely did, but it said it has no ability to do that either. 

Is that f*ing weird, or what


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