05 December 2022


We're told it's becoming conventional wisdom among evangelicals and some other traditionally Republican voting groups that "Trump may not have what it takes to win in '24." To which I can only say, WTF? How is it that someone who calls for the "termination" of provisions of the Constitution to ram through his insane delusion of having be defrauded out of an election he lost by 7 million votes (and the same margin in the Electoral College he himself called a "landslide" when he got it in 2016)... is even being mentioned as a possible candidate by a major party? This is topsy turvy world indeed. Fortunately, there is every sign that Trump will soon be indicted in the MAL case. 

Now, it seems to me, we Democrats need to start seriously considering the post-Trump electoral landscape. We don't get a free pass because Trump will be on the ballot, because it's increasingly likely he won't be. We have to pull it together and win on the merits in 2024. This worries me, with a candidate who will be 82 and no ability to pass legislation in the next two years. Why, o why, are Democrats not working round the clock to pass everything they possibly can, foremost among them a permanent lifting of the debt ceiling, before the end of the Lame Duck at the end of this month? Not only because from a policy perspective, we need this, but because it could well be absolutely crucial to our electoral prospects in 2024? Again, WTF? 

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