12 December 2022

Sous vide faux prime rib suggestion

We like roast beef, which has become inordinately expensive. But I find that a cheaper cut, like chuck, london broil, or tri-tip (not that they're that cheap anymore), cooked sous vide for 8+ hours at 137.5°F then cut out of the vac bag, drained of accumulated juice (used to make quick gravy) and put on a rack in preheated 450°F oven for 15 min. ...makes a very good substitute for prime rib. Almost fork tender, and tastier than prime rib often is. Salt the meat but don't add other seasonings before vac-sealing for sous vide. Some flavors, especially onion and garlic, don't improve with sous vide. The high heat only sears the outside, the inside remains perfectly medium rare all the way through. If you like it a tad rarer, try 136°. 

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