09 December 2022

Sinema becomes an Independent, leaves the Democratic Party

If I understand correctly, Sinema's betrayal... because that's what it is... may not be that big of a deal. She will "accept committee assignments" from the Democratic leadership, which I believe is the equivalent of "caucusing with" the Democrats. Which is also true of King and Sanders, although they are more progressive whereas she will likely sometimes actually vote with the Republicans, as she has done in the past. So Democrats will retain control of the Senate committees and judicial assignments. At least that's my understanding; if any of my farflung correspondents has a different understanding, please share. 

One thing this does reflect, I suspect, is that Sinema will be a thorn in the side of Democrats and has given up any intention of running for re-election as a Democrat. Which means she will almost certainly not be the nominee of the Democratic or Republican Party and will not serve another term after this one. 

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