09 June 2023

Chinese Battery Innovation and its importance for the future

Australian YouTube influencer Sam Evans is a super-pro-EV guy, no doubt, no prevarication. But he does respect and stick to facts except when expressing pretty clearly identified opinions. Anyway, this video shows a couple of important things. First, probably due to vestigial racism, it's commonly believed that the Chinese are very good at economic development and manufacturing but not so much at engineering innovation. Absolutely not true: Chinese battery technology leads the world, beyond question, and their innovations are driving the great paradigm shift that will result in the world switching wholesale to electrically propelled vehicles... possibly eventually even including aircraft. The other striking point is the technology he's discussing itself. It really does appear that in the fairly near future two of the two greatest disadvantages of personal EVs... range anxiety and the time it takes to charge (which results in bottlenecks at charging stations as the number of users increases)... have been solved. And the remaining one, lack of sufficient charging and electric power infrastructure, is a more fundamental issue that we face as a global civilization for reasons that go way beyond EVs. We simply must invest in renewable-based electric power infrastructure as a tip-top public policy imperative. Anyone who tells you different is simply wrong. 

I'm no fan of the Chinese government, and am fully supportive of American efforts to remain competitive and a leader in technology, while maintaining our liberal small-r republican government (no thanks to the Cryptofascists on the right). But ignoring the technological revolution being led by China is just sticking our heads in the sand. We must embrace and master these new technologies. 

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