10 June 2023

Self Driving more difficult than thought... don't hold your breath

 A few years ago I seriously talked about the day, not too far off, when you could buy a new electric car from Amazon, and it would drive itself to your garage. 

But, as this piece in NY Times indicates (however sensationalized it may be), the problem of autonomous AI driving systems has turned out to be very much more difficult than some thought, and is probably actually not in the cards in time for it to matter to people my age (I'm 70). 

Important to note: this issue is entirely separate from the paradigm shift to battery EV cars, which is well underway and accelerating. The autonomous systems cost extra ... a lot... and relatively few people buy them. Frankly, based on this record, there should be a moratorium on including them in cars for sale to the public. No matter how many warnings not to rely on them, people do it, and they are clearly not safe to allow to control a car unattended.... yet. 

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