24 March 2009

Core Tenets of the Mahayana Paraphrased

I think it's fair to say that the core tenets of Mahayana Buddhist View are something like this:

1. The real meaning of human life is twofold: (1) to develop and apply method, principally love and compassion, for overcoming harmful delusions, motivated by a desire to help others to do the same. (2) To develop wisdom, which sees clearly the way things really are.

All harmful delusions are forms of anger, attachment and ignorance, and are derived from the core delusion of belief in the inherent existence of self. Living with these delusions is samsara, whose essential nature is suffering.

3. The way things really are is that the things we ordinarily see do not actually exist, and the true nature of all phenomena is empty of inherent existence.

4. Anyone completely realizing
these tenets, through method and wisdom practices taught by Buddha, and with the whole being, including having the essential altruistic motivation to do so for the sake of others and out of love and compassion for them, can realize his or her true nature, enlightenment. Enlightenment is ultimate happiness, beyond conceptual fabrication, free from all suffering, possessed of total universal love and compassion, with the actual ability to help others directly.

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