25 March 2009

Urge Feinstein, Specter, Nelson, Salazar to suport Employee Free Choice

If you care about the preservation of the Middle Class in this country and valuing work over speculative financial activity, PLEASE e-mail or write to Senator Dianne Feinstein and strongly urge her to support the Employee Free Choice Act. She has so far stayed on the fence, further discrediting her shaky claim to even be a Democrat. This bill essentially does no more than restore the Wagner Act of 1935, to permit orderly organization of workers who decide to unionize. Over the decades one regulatory and statutory change after another has eviscerated further and further this once simply stated right. This isn't ultimately an ideological question... it's a question of valuing work, which in the end benefits everyone by making our economy stronger.

Especially if you know any like-minded folks in Pennsylvania, but even if you don't, please also urge Arlen Specter to reverse position and vote for the bill, which he supported in 2007.

Likewise Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) and Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colo.)

Visit Warehouse Workers United website. In the badly depressed Inland Empire of California, 14% of the workforce is warehouse workers, and most of these people are forced into phony "temporary agency" employment, with depressed wages and no benefits at all. This isn't the way our country developed the most productive economy in the world in the wake of WWII... it's the harbinger of a third world future none of us want, if we would only look beyond the short term. It's time to wake up, because this negative transformation is already well underway.

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