28 March 2009

Training the Mind in Eight Verses

To celebrate having finally managed to memorize Eight Verses for Training the Mind, a beautiful summary of the Buddhist path by Bodhisattva Langri Tangpa (see upper left corner), here it is:

With the intention to attain the ultimate supreme goal that surpasses even the wishgranting jewel, may I constantly cherish all living beings.

Whenever I associate with others, may I view myself as the lowest of all, and with a perfect intention, may I cherish others as supreme.

Examining my mental continuum throughout all my actions, whenever a delusion develops whereby I or others would act inappropriately, may I firmly face it and avert it.

Whenever I see unfortunate beings, oppressed by evil and violent suffering, May I cherish them as if I had found a rare and precious treasure.

Even if someone I have helped, and of whom I had great hopes, nevertheless harms me without any reason, may I see him as my holy spiritual guide.

When others out of jealousy harm me or insult me, may I take defeat upon myself and offer them the victory.

In short, may I directly and indirectly offer help and happiness to all my mothers, and secretly take upon myself all their harm and suffering.

Furthermore, through all these method practices, together with a mind undefiled by stains of conceptions of th eight extremes, and that sees all phenomena as illusory, may I be released from the bondage of mistaken appearance and conception.

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