25 March 2009

Freeman Dyson, World Class Physicist and Cussed old Coot, Global Warming Heretic

This (from NYT) is pretty interesting, but I'd venture that, not for the first time, Dyson's contrarian nature has gotten away from him. Sometimes consensus arises because the conclusion is true.

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  1. It seems to me his position is less "oh, no, there's no global warming" and more "if you want to solve this problem, you've got to stop thinking inside the box." He certainly doesn't deny that global warming is a man-made problem. He just happens to think there are other man-made problems that are more important.

    His high-intensity, carbon-dioxide-eating trees, for example, are several centuries down the road. I think he gets frustrated that other people are not thinking so far ahead as he tends to think. We are almost always solving yesterday's problems. He's already moved on to tomorrow's.


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