06 June 2010

Californians: N O on 16, 17

I've been a bit preoccupied lately, and haven't had a chance to comment on some of the very anti-democratic and destructive initiatives on the California primary ballot. PLEASE look into, especially, Prop. 16 and Prop. 17, both of which are corporate power-grabs.

NO on 16. Requires undemocratic 2/3 vote for decentralization of power sources in California... a naked power grab by P G & E and Southern California Edison to hold on to their monopolies by creating yet another supermajority provision to prevent majority rule in California. VOTE NO.

NO on 17. Interferes with rational regulation of insurance to increase profits... virtually singlehandedly bought and paid for by Mercury Insurance. VOTE NO.

Please see Courage Campaign's Progressive Voter Guide here.

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