21 June 2010

Republican Logic: bailout and apologize to BP, but nothing for real people

The sheer lack of logical consistency in Republican policy positions is just unbelievable. They oppose Stimulus, because it "costs too much" (having spent trillions on their President's unnecessary wars and bailing out Wall Street as a result of idiotic deregulation they supported and their gurus like Greenspan and Friedman provided intellectual underpinnings for; and ignoring the well-known process, well-nigh inevitable after the crash, that if you don't get the economy working again it spirals downward; and ignoring the fact that thanks to their voodoo economics tax cuts for the rich, a trillion dollar surplus was turned into a 2 trillion dollar deficit under their president's watch).

But now, rather than hold BP, a foreign corporation, accountable for the promises it made in obtaining a permit to perform deepwater drilling it now appears it had no real ability to perform safely, they want the American taxpayers to pay the bill.

This makes no sense, even according to their own mean-spirited and proven-unworkable policy theories. It only makes sense if you disregard their fibs and look to their real policy: support crony capitalism at all costs, no matter how much it harms the interests of the nation and the people.

And yet, about half the electorate buys this crap.

I just don't get it.  

Since I wrote this, we've had even more ridiculous comments from Congresspersons Bachmann and Barton. Sheesh

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