03 June 2010

Tough Times for Israeli People

Unfortunately for Israel's people (as opposed to their government, which I pretty much deplore), perception is reality, at least in terms of the fact that perception influences real world circumstances. I readily acknowledge that there are two sides to the argument over whether Israel's actions in the so-called Flotilla incident were rational or justifiable; certainly they were badly executed. (I also deplore the Siege of Gaza as a completely unjustifiable policy, but that's a separate issue). In any case, the fact is, Israel is losing the last remnants of goodwill and cooperation in the region, and even the relationship with the United States is probably more strained than at any time in quite a few years.

Here's the Jerusalem Post piece noting that Israel is losing its prime regional ally, Turkey:

And a comment by Josh Marshall:

(follow the link to Gideon Levy's column in Ha'aretz as well)

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