06 June 2010

Shame on you, Bill Clinton

The very idea that Bill Clinton is attacking unions in an ad supporting DINO ("Democrat in Name Only") Blanche Lincoln makes me want to retch. Link.

Generally, national politicians should stay out of local and state primary races (and Bill doesn't live in Arkansas)...after all, the people of the jurisdiction should be the ones who decide who their representatives will be. The big exception to this I would propose is where a candidate is a fraud or traitor to the principles of the majority of the party. In this case, that's Lincoln, who
is in the pocket of Wall Street, was instrumental in killing the public option, has consistently voted against Democratic principles and has misrepresented her positions. It isn't her opponent Halter, who is a pretty straight line Centrist Democrat. So there's no plausible excuse for Clinton to be attacking unions in support of Lincoln in a primary. National leaders should support Halter, a real Democrat, not Lincoln, who isn't one. The fact that unions, who are a bulwark of progressive politics in this country, have taken this stance should tell Clinton something: Real Democrats are supporting Halter.

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