06 June 2010

O'Reilly compares gays to terrorists...well, not exactly

There's a bit of an uproar in the LGBT activist community about Dumbo O'Reilly's offensive comments [link] about a French McDonald's gay-friendly ad, which his show aired along with his dumb (and a little offensive) remarks. Supposedly equating gay people with terrorists. Well, not really. It was his lame attempt at humor, combined with his general contempt for everyone not like him. But that's nothing new and hardly surprising.

But to me, the real story is how sweet and positive the ad itself is. O'Reilly says they'll never run one like it here... gotta wonder why not? It would go a long way towards fostering a positive image of tolerance and welcoming.

Their message: venez comme vous êtes....applies even if vous êtes homosexuel. In France, this doesn't even raise an eyebrow, as it shouldn't.

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