03 August 2011

Cantor: forget about Medicare

Satan's amanuensis (aka Eric Cantor) is now promising young Americans that the Evil Ones who Rule will slash Medicare. See this. The colorful rhetoric is intentional. These people have declared that they have no intention to compromise, and that they will use any means, including outright extortion based on their willingness to endanger the economic security of our nation, to get the Minoritarian policy demands enacted. But there will be a backlash, I am sure of it. And here's my response: 
No, you wretched excuse for a human being. You are wrong. This will not stand. We will eliminate you from power and will raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, eliminate tax loopholes and havens for big business, restore jobs to raise more revenue, and keep our promises to the American people. It is you who are headed for the dustbin of history.
To this goal I pledge my life, my fortune and my sacred honor.
At least they're being honest about what they intend to do. Gives us a good target to aim at.

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