01 August 2011

TPM points out how it coulda been worse

This piece in TPM attempts to parse the Extortion Agreement with a thesis that it has some "silver lining." I'm not buying it. We could've done a whole hell of a lot better with some real leadership and willingness to take risks (especially had Obama played the 14th Amendment card). It's bad, really bad, and pointing out that it could have been even worse doesn't really help anything.

I say, VOTE NO, and make the Republicans pass this stinking mess without Democratic votes in the House, and with damn few in the Senate. I'm not naive enough to think a filibuster by Democrats is even conceivable, but I hope the Republicans are forced to sweat out passage in both houses, because they got just about everything they could have hoped for, so they should take the blame. Because blame there will be. And the president will be unable to escape his share.

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