01 August 2011

Final Verdict on Debt Deal

Krugman in today's Times is correct: this "deal" is not a deal, but a surrender; it does not avert disaster, it is disaster. Obama's presidency is a failure. I feel quite sure this will be the verdict of history.

I think the declaration of Victory by Boehner and the (Egad!) endorsement by Grover Norquist just about says it all: this president is now to be known as the Capitulator-in-Chief. Or maybe Neville Obama.

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  1. I fear this is the last nail in the coffin of my country of origin. I wish I shared your enthusiastic resistance and faith in the tides of change that could shock the redolent constituency into a new perception a new reality even.
    I do believe in the need to resist as one would resist cancer. What has happened in the last 25 years has been like a cancer in the body. This corporatic infestation in which we are all inextricably tangled like made in China for Walmart. It is a sick dependency that we don't fully understand even if we have the sense to try...
    I don't know if we can wake up from our torpor enough to really change? Maybe we can.
    I am disappointed in myself that I don't have your dynamism and fervency. I worry that I am like some in Nazi Germany who retreated into the "interior" instead of overtly fighting the fascist monsters. Our fascism is more subtle like consumer fascism...and we all participate willingly or unwillingly. It is like a foul dependency on the very thing that is hurting us. Realizing this is very difficult...as you know.
    Anyway, the computer ate my firt comment so this one is not as clear as the first. I am glad you are fighting and have faith in a potential awakening of the somnambulent public. I believe in prayer, in a kind of light mindedness that builds and finally breaks thru the obstacles to change. I have experienced the power of this personally and believe it happens at a social and political level too.
    But i agree with Keith-the window of time before the coffin is buried is very short. I agree with Lind about the overclass using multiculturalism for it's own ends. How do we talk about class without it being grabbed up by the right as being Marxist? If you can think of a way you should run for office yourself.


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