31 August 2011

Please Mr. President, get aggressive! Run AGAINST the Do-Nothing 112th Republican Congress!

Just wrote this to www.whitehouse.gov: 

For the first time in a while, I am gratified to be able to write to my President and say, "Brilliant! I love it!" Congratulations on scheduling jobs speech as a joint session and sticking it to the inconsequential fools on the Republican side by scheduling it the same night as their gabfest.

Now, take E. J. Dionne's advice and GO BIG, GO LONG, and GO GLOBAL. We need some major leadership and a big vision.

The White House should (finally) start sending bill after bill, fully written out, to the Democratic leadership to introduce and let the Republicans try to block. Then the President can run, not just for himself but on behalf of every genuinely contested Congressional and Senate Candidate, and say, "Look (unfurling a list that drops all the way to the floor)... here's OUR list of serious proposed legislation to address our nation's problems... and the Republicans have blocked almost every one. America can and will do better than this, but I need your help! I need you to vote for Democrats in Congress and the Senate to pass these proposals and move our country forward!"

This is a winning recipe, whereas hanging back and trying to pick up scraps from the obstructionists' table is a sure recipe for defeat.

The president needs to think long, towards 2013, and get REALLY AGGRESSIVE, in a complete change of approach, before it's TOO LATE.

Thank you.  

To which I added: 

I commended the president for scheduling a joint session of congress, and recommended that he get aggressive in sending Congress a legislative agenda, irrespective of whether the Republicans are likely to pass it.

I want to make the point that the key to the President's and other Democrats' victory in 2012 will be taking a lesson from Harry Truman in 1948: RUN AGAINST THE DO-NOTHING 112TH REPUBLICAN CONGRESS. Show a long list of bills proposed to address America's problems at EVERY speech, every campaign stop. Go out and campaign for every Democrat who has a chance to unseat a Republican. We need the majority back in the House. We need to keep the majority in the Senate, in order to start passing this agenda starting in 2013. In the meantime, an aggressive approach, that starts winning over public opinion, is MORE LIKELY to achieve short term results than trying to figure out in advance what the nasty Republicans are likely to "give us." That hasn't worked and never will.

GO BIG, GO LONG, GO GLOBAL, and FIGHT LIKE HELL! This is what your base wants and what will win both in terms of policy victories and electoral ones.

Thank you. 

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