23 August 2011

The unbelievable extremity of Rick Perry

I find it hard to keep emotion out of politics these days. To me, the mere appearance of Rick Perry makes it glaringly obvious that he is a Grade-A asshole who cares for nothing but his own plutocratic interests. Now (here), he's made it clear he really does, with no hyperbole, endorse reversing over 100 years of progress by turning the clock back in terms of the role of the Federal government to before Teddy Roosevelt.

Somehow, as dumbed down as the electorate is, and notwithstanding Bush's Brain co-author Jim Moore's prediction that he will "waltz to the nomination," I just can't believe that the American people are going to go along with this crap. 

Or, for that matter, that it will be possible for Perry or the Republican party to walk back from this kind of rhetoric in the run-up to the General Election. 

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