24 August 2011

Will it really be Perry? and Should we be happy about it?

Is is just me, or should Democrats not be welcoming news that the Republicans seem determined, in recent polling, to dump Mitt and go with the Certifiable Nutcase and Megalomaniac, Rick Perry?

Surely, if they go off the cliff and nominate this guy, regardless of the economy, regardless of disenchantment with his style and even substance, the people will vote to re-elect the sane candidate over this unbelievable lunatic? Surely?


I often cross-post to FireDogLake (http://my.firedoglake.com/oldionus). Here are a couple of the comments that were posted to the above: 

Vote Socialist August 24th, 2011 at 3:13 pm «
Why would we want Osterity re-elected? I’m pulling for Mittens; by having a Republican instead of a “Democrat” in the White House, there’d be some opposition to the Austerity Agenda from the Congressional Dems, yet there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between White Romney and Black Romney. Best of both worlds.

Alternatively, there’s the theory that we want the Oristocrats to be humiliated by losing to the most extreme candidate the Rs can nominate. Make the repudiation of the Obama Adminis-Traitor-ion as complete as can be. The bonus here is that Perry/Bachmann/Herman Cain/whoever would tank the economy hard and fast, priming the country for a hard swing to the left in ’16, if not revolution before then. A more extreme idea to be sure, but an argument worth considering.

But if we’re going to elect a Romney next year, I say go for the fresh one, not the one who’s already proven to be a horrible President. No more Black Romney!

○ (Reply )vizmike August 24th, 2011 at 7:26 pm  
«I’m with VoteSocialist above. I’m afraid we have to give up on the Democrats. In fact, the way they have been playing us, I would be so bold as to say our first consideration in 2012 is to UTTERLY DEFEAT Obama. We need to smash these triangulating betrayers who will clearly achieve nothing but worse going forward. We must make clear that they can not succeed electorally without moving dramatically our way. And if their failure to do so means the end of the Democratic Party, well, good riddance. I’m not happy about it, but that’s how I see our situation.  ///

○○○ To which I can only say that the Democrats are in BIG trouble in 2012 if any significant fraction of their committed, progressive base thinks the way these folks do. I admit I "go there" sometimes, myself, out of sheer frustration with what I see as the cluelessness of Washington Democrats, ESPECIALLY the President, who seems completely oblivious to the FACT that Democrats who FIGHT BACK, and who endorse Labor Issues and Core Democratic Values, consistently do better, and in fact are far more likely to DEFEAT Republicans, when compared to Beltway Obama-style Democrats. The President and the Party leadership better wake up pretty damn soon, or 2012 is going to be a disaster.

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