31 May 2024

Give Collins no pass

I did not follow the Trump Election Interference/Falsified Business Records (calling a spade a spade) case all that closely, but closely enough that I regard it as a pretty good example of the justice system working exactly the way it's supposed to, despite a defendant who committed multiple jury and witness intimidation contempts of court and mostly got away with it, and who showed no regard or respect for the jury or the judge, not to mention any hint of remorse or shame. So, when Susan Collins, who loves to pretend she's above all the MAGA BS and is a "good Republican," comes out and attacks the lawful verdict of the jury, stating completely falsely that Alvin Bragg "campaigned on getting Trump," that can't just be dismissed or tolerated. She should be called on it by every news outlet until she apologizes. (Although not true of her either, really, Collins was probably thinking of Letitia James... Bragg is much, much too careful to have created such an easily alleged "appearance of impropriety".) When one of the two major political parties is calling the entire judicial process (except for the MAGA Supreme Court of course) into question, our republic is in deep distress. 

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