12 May 2024

Trump dementia

It's really remarkable to watch clips of the Orange Menace even from just 4 years ago, when he was spouting incoherent bullshit about "people dying of all kinds of things" and how "you know what Obama is guilty of, just read the papers (except yours)" (What about absolute presidential immunity, Donnie?). It was incoherent, unfocused, and malignant. But compare it to today. Just this weekend, Trump thought a useful thing to say at a rally in New Jersey was to congratulate the "late, great Hannibal Lecter" in a completely incoherent vomiting of utter nonsense that went on and on. It was too much even for most of the rally goers, a good percentage of whom left while he was still speaking. 

Seriously, one of the things that makes me optimistic about this election is that it is increasingly obvious that DJT is gradually sinking into honest to God dementia. Several prominent neuropsychiatrists (Gartner, Segal, Bandy Lee, Zoffman, others) have said that he is clearly displaying alarming symptoms of accelerating dementia. Gartner went so far as to say he appears near the catastrophic meltdown point, where he will be unable to even "pass". The phonemic aphasia and complete inability to focus on a topic and speak coherently about it are growing worse and worse. I think it likely that enough people will see through this that, even if they formerly were receptive to his weird kind of charisma, they will say to themselves, hell, this guy is losing it... we can't elect somebody this bad to the presidency!

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