31 May 2024

Why the Trump conviction is important

I see the choice of Donald Trump for president as almost unthinkable, so I have a difficult time empathizing with those who are likely to make that choice. Which makes me a lousy predictor of what might influence them.

But, purely objectively, I would say that the fact that Trump was quite easily convicted of all counts against him in a case that was somewhat novel in its use of the New York statute (with election interference the underlying criminal motivation making the business records crimes felonies), makes his eventual conviction more likely in the January 6 case, the Georgia RICO case, and, especially, the open and shut Mar a Lago stolen docs case (assuming in-his-pocket Judge Cannon fails ultimately in her attempt to derail the case entirely). And this, it seems to me, is yet another reason (among many, many reasons) why ordinary common-sense Americans might think twice before pulling the lever for this sociopath. It could not be more obvious that one of his principal objectives in running for president is to have the power to throw out these cases before they even go to trial. This kind of strong-arm corruption is so inimical to our system of laws and governance that I truly want to believe a significant number of potential Trump voters... marginal but in an election decided on the margins significant...will see through this and realize that this run for office is yet another grift by a grifter who's been two steps ahead of the law his entire criminal and quasi-criminal career. Until now.

So, hell yes: this conviction on 34 felony counts is important.

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