20 May 2024


If Roberts had a single minim of integrity, and the slightest phantom of scrotal fortitude (pardon the expression), he would inform Alito as follows:  Look, Sam, you've screwed the pooch. I'll give it to you straight. Recuse from everything to do with the Orange One, and announce you're doing so. Or I will publicly announce I've asked you to and do not a thing to prevent you being impeached next time the Dems have both houses... which could be 2025. It's actually a pretty damn good case. 

Much the same, but for an already thoroughly discussed but different reason, can be said about Thomas. 

I know, I know. In my dreams. But the "verdict of history"? Right there in front of you. Trouble is the more empirical and rational society that writes the real "history" of our time may be a good while off, and might even be the successors.... you know... after the Fall. 

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