20 May 2024

Threat, not vibes

I have a friend who is justifiably upset about what you might call the "late night comedy" aspect of the Trump/MAGA phenomenon. His point is that making of light of what is actually a serious and deadly threat to the very institution of our form of government is actually harmful. It helps the would-be insurrectionists. 

So I'll get serious. Biden needs to give a speech entirely devoted to the domestic threats, including but not limited to MAGA, which threaten to derail the economic recovery he has gotten underway, and the restoration of norms of small-r republican government that Trumpism seems so anxious to utterly annihilate. He, and the Democrats in Congress, in open preparation for taking control of both Houses, need to announce Voting Rights and anti-Gerrymandering legislation. He needs to call out the Supreme Court for its failure to adhere to the law, in showing not only an ideological agenda with no basis other than politics, and in showing outright favoritism to the insurrection faction. You can have disagreements. You can have swings from "conservative" to "liberal" interpretations of the Constitution and legal framework. But you cannot have justices who overtly support insurrection and the overturning of fair elections. 

If we cannot take seriously that the continuity of our form of government is under threat, then we may very well lose it. "Vibes" aren't what should be determining this election. A serious consideration of the gravest risk to our republic since the Civil War is what should be determining it. 

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