06 December 2010

I'm guilty of it too

George Lakoff, distinguished professor of linguistics at Berkeley, has written extensively about the moral dimension of politics, and the importance of using progressive framing, in addition to the more nuts and bolts necessity of matching the (for the nonce matchless) skill of the Righties at messaging and propaganda.

He points out that when you use terms like No Tax Cuts for the Rich you are in fact handing the whole issue over to the other side, by using their frame, and negating the claim... which is a lot like Nixon saying I am not a crook. 

Better to say, the wealthy need to bear their fair share. 

Similarly, we can't just go around reacting to what righties say. We need to positively put out our moral message all the time, in every venue possible.

I'm going to try to bear this in mind, and change the tone and approach of my political messaging.

Please let me know what you think.

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