03 December 2010

Tax Cut politics

It's accepted as political reality at this moment that the extension of the middle class only tax cuts cannot pass the Senate.

I say, then, if the Democrats have any backbone at all, they should propose one more bill, to extend the tax cuts and include extension of cuts for incomes over $250K for small businesses filing as individuals/couples (this would take some tricky language, but come on, that's their job), thereby removing the Republicans' phony argument that extending tax cuts for rich people kills jobs. 

Then, when that too fails to pass a cloture vote with all 41 Plutocratic Party senators voting against it, the Democrats should just say, "we tried, but they blocked it, using parliamentary maneuvering to block the will of the majority."

And the president should say, "well, we tried, but they blocked it. And I will veto any tax bill that includes extension of tax cuts for the richest Americans."

Then let all the tax cuts (including the estate tax) expire.

When Democrats hammer the Republicans over and over and over for blocking extension of middle class tax cuts, they will eventually have to deal on tax reform that shifts more of the burden to the very rich. And if they don't, well, horrors... we'll have to live with the same tax rates we had during the 90s. Seems to me most people were better off then, no? And if the Republicans are so serious about cutting the deficit, well, more revenue is one side of the equation. But, best of all, if the Democrats can for once muster some skillful political framing and messaging, it's a very powerful political issue. 

"The Republicans allowed tax cuts for ordinary Americans to expire. They've blocked every Democratic effort to cut taxes for the middle class. So when they say they want lower taxes for you and your family, they're lying to you."

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